for Brands
We use state-of-the-art technology
We serve major brands
We analyze efficiency
We target ROI and profit
Team of professionals
And a number of certified specialists, join us!!
Zurab Polosin
General Director
Only a complete immersion in the clients' business lets us understand perfectly their purposes and create an effective strategy to achieve them, so every employee of our agency is not just a professional in the field of advertising but also your personal internet marketer.
Alexey Gal'chenko
Technical Director
We offer state-of-the art technology to our clients during the development of projects as well as within the period of their service. As a result of the ongoing analysis of the project, we offer recommendations to improve the conversion of the whole project.
Elena Kamshitskaya
Head of SEO department
We will thoroughly study your site and tell you how to make it more attractive for search engines and targeted visitors. SEO by MediaNation team makes it possible to bring high-quality, low-cost traffic.
Ivan Barchenkov
Chief Development Officer
To carry out an effective advertising campaign, it is necessary to analyze a lot of parameters. This is why we pay a lot of time setting up analytics to track and analyze data.
Building of brand awareness
Banners and separate portals
(RTB auction networks, Display Ad, Programmatic -
Google DoubleClick, Yandex.Display)
YouTube, Yandex.Video
Articles, Blogs, Special Projects
Exhibitions, events
Influence marketing
Bloggers, Celebrities, Influencers
Hosting and Optimization
Mobile Ad
Offline Ad
Traffic increase
Social Networks
Facebook, VK,
OK, Twitter, Instagram
Mobile apps advertisement
Market places
Google Shopping
CPA marketing
Websites and their mobile versions
Mobile Apps
Hosting and Optimization
of loyalty
among shoppers
Email marketing
Social networks
Referral programs
Intergrated approach

Analysis of the effectiveness of advertising occurs in an automatic mode thanks to the "K-50" system.

Also, in the automatic mode, the advertising strategy is corrected, so that the budget can save up to 50%.

A large amount of data enters the system, where these data are sorted by sources, the cost is detailed for each instrument, the data is compared with the results (KPI), and based on this, a report on efficiency from general to specific is generated:

  • tool efficiency
  • Keyword and bid performance
  • the effectiveness of banners, articles, etc.
  • performance forecast
  • ROI for each tool
We analyze and improve
Media planning
and tool
Advertisement optimization
system based on machine learning!
We optimize ROI, CPO, sales and gross margin for market leaders! More on
K50: Generator
Create advertisements
Generate thousands of ads
within seconds
K50: Optimizer
Optimization of ad bids
Increase efficiency of every
K50: Statistics
Smart analytics
Free service providing analysis of all metrics in united table
We are trusted by major brands
We are trusted by our partners
Our customers recommend us
We started to work with MediaNation in 2012 using the following sources of advertising - Yandex contextual advertising, Google and the Yandex.Market advertising platform. We can certainly recommend this company as we are pleased with the results of our joint projects.
Dmitry Dvoretsky, Hoff
We are convinced that the creative approach combined with many years of experience is the main benefit for all of MediaNation's clients. You can be sure of proper preparation and planning for your advertising campaigns: they will control each stage, including its implementation and the quality of targeted visitors, who then become our customers.
Ilya Zayants, Korablik
What we really appreciate in working with MediaNation is the human approach. If we have a task - it is our common task, if there is a result - it is our common result as well. We are not tied to a single account manager who solves every problem from the lunch menu to the poor conversion metrics; if we need advice - the whole team takes part.
Contextual advertising for LitRes portal
Create a large-scale advertising campaign and increase the number of sales.
With our automation scripts we created over 144,000 ads, with more than 5,000,000 keywords.
sales increased by 40%, CPO decreased by 50%
Promotion of online store
Increase in sales from the site through the Google AdWords channel.
We optimized the account in Google AdWords, used the appropriate ad delivery settings, ad formats and dynamic remarketing.
For the year, sales increased 1.5 times, and revenue by 86%
Integrated Internet Marketing for Hoff
Increase in sales from the company website. Analysis of the behavior of the website audience. Tracking of conversion group, e-commerce and calls to the customer call center.
It was decided to work on all marginal categories of products with the help of contextual advertising and price channels, to expand the audience segment by using targeted and banner advertising and to track performance using Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrics.
Publication of success story on Yandex portal.
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